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Gooseberry Patch cookbook Good-for-You Everyday Meals giveaway and review

 I try to eat healthier, but it doesn't always happen that way.
My rule has always been to eat in moderation. But, with the recipes in this cookbook, I don't have to worry so much. I know that I can have a good hearty meal with healthier ingredients.
It wouldn't hurt to have an extra serving from time to time.
I love meals like that!

In this new Gooseberry Patch   
Good-for-You Everyday Meals cookbook
you will find recipes that will ease your mind 
knowing that you are feeding your family 
delicious and nutritious meals. Meals containing ingredients such as....
  Quinoa, barley, flax seed, protein foods, whole wheat pastas, 

and fresh, frozen and organic fruits and veggies.

The contents in a cookbook is always the selling point for me.
I knew this cookbook was another real winner when I looked at the chapters listed.
I was sold even more when I browsed through the recipes....

Mom's Best Orange Muffins, Garden Bounty Egg Bake,
Healthy Strawberry Drink, Laurel's Nutty Granola,
Hearty Hamburger Stew, Citrus & Beet Spinach Salad,
Savory Barley-Mushroom Bake, Cherry Tomato Hummus Wraps, 
and Lemony-Fresh Dill Dip

I had a hard time choosing the recipes to prepare for you.
So, I asked my family what they were in the mood was it.
I found one of the yummiest recipes for Tilapia we've ever had. And of course I needed a veggie to go along with it and that's where the potato wedges come in. 

Let's start with the new seasoning recipe for my potatoes...

No-Salt Seasoning
submitted by Barb Rudyk    Vermillion, Alberta
1 T garlic powder
1 T onion powder
1 T dry mustard
1 T paprika
1 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp cayenne pepper, or to taste
1/2 tsp pepper

Mix together all ingredients and place in a shaker jar.
Makes about 5 tablespoons.

This seasoning was perfect for Lori's Tater Wedges!

submitted by Lori Peterson Effingham, KS

And now for the main course...

submitted by Shirin Blackwell Garden Ridge, TX

And we can't forget dessert!

Mom's Fruit Smoothies

submitted by April Haury  Paramus, NJ

How would you like a chance to win a copy of 
Gooseberry Patch's Good-for-You 
I knew you'd say here's how...

1. You must go to Gooseberry Patch's facebook page and 'like' their page, then come back and let me know.. 

2. You must leave a comment on this page. You have to leave, at least, your name and if you chose, you can also leave your email address.

You will then have TWO entries in the giveaway!

Winner will be announced on Saturday, March 22nd.
You will have 48 hrs to reply with your mailing address.
If I haven't heard from the winner by that time, a new winner will be chosen.

Best of Luck to you all!

*You may purchase this and many other Gooseberry Patch cookbooks on their web page HERE 
*Or from HERE 
~Looking for more recipes?
**Take and look at their cookbook index
**Do you Pin? Follow them

Find even MORE from 
Gooseberry Patch online!

Gooseberry Patch has graciously furnished me with two copies of this cookbook. One for me to keep and review and the other to giveaway to the lucky winner of the giveaway.
All reviews are of my own opinion.

Giveaway will only be open for ten days.
It will end on March 22nd, 2014.
The winner will have 48 hours to respond.
At this time another winner will be drawn. 


  1. I do like Gooseberry Patch on FB already. :D That's how I found your site today. :) Those wedges look tasty! I have some potatoes that need to be used up! My name is Emily Lutz

  2. I like the idea that the potato wedges don't have any salt added to them. Great for watching blood pressure.,

  3. My Mom had a stroke a year ago & is still in the nursing home. I always want to cook good meals, but am so tired after visiting/caring for her that we end up eating sandwiches or whatever is the easiest - or - fast food, which is not healthy. Your recipes sound healthy & look delicious!

  4. Hello. My name is Tari Millis and my email address is I am an existing Facebook fan of Gooseberry Patch. Love the recipes!

  5. I liked the page, and I love new recipes!! Thank you!

  6. Love your recipes!! My email is I hope I hear from you!!

  7. I liked the page and can't wait to see a copy of the cookbook. To actually win a copy would be wonderful. I like the no salt seasoning recipe. My email is

  8. I went to the Gooseberry patch and liked the page. The seasoning for your potatoes sounds great! I am going to try that! I see a lot of must try recipes!
    Linda my email:

  9. I like Gooseberry Patch on facebook!

    tcrowley122 at hotmail dot com

  10. Liked your facebook page long ago and love your recipes!!!

  11. I have checked out Gooseberry Patch cookbooks at the library before. I "liked" the GP fb!

  12. Hi my name is Diane and I love these recipes. My boys and I love to try new recipes all the time. This would really help us to find new ones. Thanks for the link.

  13. Always have enjoyed the recipes found in Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!
    Enjoy your Facebook page recipes as well.

  14. Love this blog, so many great recipes to choose from I don't know where to start. Thanks for creating such a wonderful place to hang out.

  15. Love your recipes. Also love Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks. I have several, but not this one!

  16. I "liked" Gooseberry Patch long ago. Would love to win the book.

  17. I already liked, really love Gooseberry Patch and love this blog as well. Thanks for sharing all this happiness with everyone. God Blessings :) Crystal S.

  18. like Gooseberry Patch fb Julie A Scott Laws entry 1

  19. entry #2 thanks for the giveaway I have been 'eyeing' this cookbook to buy maybe I can win it instead Julie Laws

  20. I would love to win this ..I have been following all your receipes and love them..My email is Cooking Yall,,,,

  21. Liked Gooseberry Patch on facebook
    angela marriott


  22. Looks like a fantastic cookbook, I love their cookbooks.

    angela marriott

  23. How do we enter. I love cookbooks and have a nice collection. Elna Black.

  24. I liked Gooseberry Patch face book email addy is

  25., I am already a fan of gooseberry patch, Patti Williams

  26. The recipes look easy but tasty

  27. Love Gooseberry cook books I have over 25 books

  28. I' ve done this twice now. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Loretta Bennett.

  29. Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway! I love Gooseberry"s Cookbooks and this one would be a great addition! I have "liked" Gooseberry Patches FB page!

  30. Healthier eating is one of my goals for me and my family this year. I love your Hot Milk Cake recipe. And thank you for offering such a great give-a-way. :)

  31. Signed up for their newsletter's Love their recipes

  32. I like Gooseberry Patch on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. You have great sounding recipes on your blog.

  34. I liked Gooseberry Patch Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  35. oh man..i need this cookbook..i was just recently diagnosed with sugar i need to eat healthy..and this book with all these yummy recipes will help me do it..and thanks for the giveaway..

  36. I need some recipes to help get my boys (ages 10 and 14 and both play sports) and my husband to eat healthier and I love Gooseberry Patch!

  37. I haven't come across anything I didn't like on your page. Thanks for sharing yourself, love of cooking & amazing recipes !

  38. Nice website. I have tried some of your recipes on facebook and my family and I have enjoyed them. I love to cook and am always looking for new an different ideas for meals, snacks, and entertaining.


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