Friday, November 15, 2013

White Chocolate Pretzels

Many moons ago, I received this cute little turkey as a gift.
It was full of white chocolate covered pretzels.
My youngest son loved them!
Now, each year, when I bring out this candy dish
my son will ask "when are you going to make those pretzels?"
So....every year...I make him 'those' pretzels.

They are one of the easiest snacks to make. 
Two ingredients is all.

24 oz White chocolate (almond bark)
1 lb bag pretzels.
(I don't use the broken pretzels. 
I save them for another recipe or for snackin')

That's it. 
So simple. 

In a medium size bowl, add half of the bark.
Place in microwave and heat for 25 seconds.
Heat for about 20 seconds.
By this time you will know how much time you need to melt the remaining chunks.
Sometimes, just stirring them around will help them melt.
I usually just heat them for 5 seconds at a time after this until it's all pretty much melted. I used to do this is...
add a handful of pretzels to the melted chocolate and carefully stir them so I don't break the pretzels.
This way all of the pretzel was covered with chocolate.
Then scoop them out.
But now...this is how I do this...

I add a few pretzels at a time to the melted chocolate. 
Using a two-tined fork, I scoop the pretzels out, coating only one side.
I then lay them out on wax paper to dry.

My son always thought that coating both sides was too much sweetness. 
You couldn't taste the pretzel.
(Yes, this is more time consuming....
the things we do for our kids, huh?)

Repeat process with bark and pretzels.
While you're melting the second batch of bark,
you can remove the first batch of pretzels from the wax paper.
This keeps you from using so much wax paper, 
and taking up so much space. 
(A little handy tip for your there..)
If you'd like, you can sprinkle some sprinkles 

over them before the chocolate dries.
There are so many different combination of colors these days..

coordinate for the holiday!

Store in an air tight container.

My son likes a little sweet with his salty.

Some of us...I won't say who...
 likes a little salty with her sweet!'ll see a few of the pretzels took a little extra dip in the chocolate.

My youngest son is 25 yrs old now...
but his face still lights up when he comes in and see 
'those pretzels'!


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  1. Yummy! I love white chocolate covered pretzels. I am definitely going to try these.


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