Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soppin' Biscuits

I learned early in my years, that soppin' biscuits was the best way to finish off a meal. You had to save one big bite of biscuit so you could sop up whatever was left on your plate. This was the only way to clean your plate before you excused yourself from the table.  If you didn't save that last big bite of biscuit, then it was okay to pinch off a piece from another 'good' biscuit. I do believe that was the only food that you could touch, take off what you wanted and put the rest back. You always knew that someone would use the rest of the biscuit, or it would be eaten as we cleared the table!

Aaah....the memories....

Soppin' biscuits in butter and syrup could be eaten as a meal or a snack. 
I remember many a day,
momma would heat up a leftover biscuit, 
fix up a plate of butter 'n syrup for lunch and call it a meal.
Our favorite syrup was Johnnie Fair Syrup.
There was just something about the flavor of Johnnie Fair,
and it will always be my favorite!
Butter and Syrup

Not a hard recipe at all...
2 slices of butter
about 1 TBSP of syrup

Place butter on your plate.
Pour syrup over the butter.

Smash, then stir together with your fork,
mixing all the syrup in to the butter,
adding more syrup if needed.

Grab a biscuit and sop away! cookin' at it's finest!


  1. my family made this very same treat, except we used molasses instead of syrup

  2. brings back memories

  3. I had syrup,butter and biscuits growing up to. I made it for my children and now my grandkids. Pass it on. Good food and memories.

  4. Moma would take the left over buttered biscuits, put JF syrup in a pan and cook it till it turned to candy, then put in the biscuits, cover them, then cool. Made candy biscuits. Never could make enough..

  5. Hi Jeannie here in Texas...I just told the story on Facebook about racing my sister with Johnnie Fair and who could get it white-ist! Mother would say, "You girls eat, you are going to miss the bus!!" I looked up Johnnie Fair wondering if I could order it anywhere, and lo and behold ... here you took pictures of the very thing I are so good to do that. A recorded memory.


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