Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fiesta Lime Queso Dip

My son, Jason, has a brilliant mind...especially when it comes to thinking of new recipes! 
As I've mentioned before, he is a department manager at our local grocery store.
He thinks these recipe's up while he's working, brings the groceries home and gets to cooking!
Tonight...he brought home

10 oz Rotel Diced Tomatoes 
with Lime Juice and Cilantro
7 oz Diced Green Chilis
2 lb Velveeta Queso Blanco

 Cut the Velveeta in to 1 1/2 cubes and place the cheese and other two ingredients (with the juice) in a medium-large size bowl.
Place in the microwave and cook for 9 minutes....
stirring after 5 minutes. 
And that's it! 
 Half of it was gone before I was able to take a picture....
hmmm...wonder whose hand that is....Jason!

You can definitely taste the lime!


  1. thats making my mouth water and I havent even eaten breakfast yet!

  2. We have to try this one. I haven't seen the Lime Juice and Cilantro one on the shelves! We love Rotel and Velvetta, have been making it for 20 years. There was a time when my MIL had to mail it from Texas because it was not available in Illinois.

  3. Looks great! Now,...inquiring minds must know what kind of chips those are in the picture?

    1. They are Tostidos Multi Grain Scoops! We love 'em!!


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