Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grilled Cajun Pork Chops

My 23 yr old son is an awesome cook. He has taken what I taught him and expanded his horizons with new seasonings and marinades. When it comes to grilling...he's one of the best! (I have an older son who is just as great!) You name it. He grills it.

Tonight we had Grilled Cajun Pork Chops. Another one of his 'inventions'. See the juice on the plate above. That juice came out of the pork chop when I cut in to it! 
They were so juicy and tender!
The seasonings were strong enough to taste, 
but not over powering. 

Another one of his greater creations!

Grilled Cajun Pork Chops
4 Butterfly Pork Chops
2 tsp Beer Can Chicken seasoning
1/2 - 1 tsp N'Orleans Cajun seasoning
2 tsp Smokehouse Maple seasoning

Prepare your grill to medium heat.
Mix seasonings together and sprinkle on both sides of meat.
Grill until done and juices run clear...approx 20 minutes
turning after 10 minutes. 
Cut with a knife to check 'doneness'.

And that's it folks!
Some of the best Pork Chops you'll ever taste!

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