Thursday, July 28, 2011

After Surgery Product Review!!

Did that title catch your eye? 
I hope so, because I have got to tell you about this!

I have loved Glad Press'n Seal for several years now..
.as a matter of fact, 
I would be the perfect spokesperson for this product! 

What you read or hear about this product
in magazines or on TV is so true!

This wrap will keep the juices from running out if you were to tip over your bowl, cup, or container full of food or liquid. I wrap to-go plates when my children come to visit and take home left-overs. I wrap pot-luck meals...even if they are hot...and take them to church. I don't have to worry about them leaking if they were to tip in the car.  It's perfect to wrap up left over meats, or bread.
And one of my favorite things about this wrap?
You don't have to use very much!
A one inch over hang is about all that you need for each container or piece of meat.

 Press'n Seal is available in freezer also..See the photo on the package above? I do the same thing....wrap up individual chicken breast, burgers, smoked name it! You can wrap it and freeze it! I haven't ever had a problem with freezer burn either! you is this an After Surgery Product Review?
I have four incisions in my belly from my recent surgery.
I wanted to take a shower, but can't get my bandages wet. 
So, I cut out pieces of this Press'n Seal and laid it over my bandages. 
I pressed the Press'n Seal to my skin and rubbed it smooth. 
( photos for demonstration)
I took my shower and even washed and rinsed my belly! 
After my shower, I dried my belly, took off the Press'n Seal and guess what? 
There was not a single damp spot on or around my bandage!!! 
I knew it! 

Press'n came through for me once again!!


  1. What a GREAT tip! I wish I'd had some a few weeks ago when our #2 grandson had stitches in his thumb.

  2. I love press and seal too and use it all the time, but never thought of using it that way! Thanks for the tip-it's good to know and keep stored in the back of the mind for when you might need it some day!


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