Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fried Bologna Sandwiches ....that's good eaten'!

If you are from one of the Southern states, then I know you've heard of, and have most likely enjoyed
a Fried Bologna sandwich.
(But, now I'm finding out that folks from all over love Fried Bologna!)
I've also heard Fried Bologna called Poor Man's Steak.
Back in the day, this is about all that some folks had to eat,
and of course lettuce and tomato or cheese wasn't always available.
Most folks seem to enjoy it plain...or with a bit of mustard,
served on white bread or a biscuit.
My brothers were the same way.
Me...I prefer mayo.

Frying Bologna turns a dull, drab piece of ...uh...'meat'?... in to something special!

Eat it right out of the skillet, 
put it on crackers with some cheese, 
place one, two or even three slices between two slices of bread or toast with a dab of mustard, 
or make a big hearty sandwich with mayo, cheese, tomato and lettuce.

 Who ever invented this southern greatness deserves a big pat on the back!
I grew up on this stuff....
so to me, it's more than a sandwich, 
it's a trip down memory lane!

Fried Bologna Sandwich

Cut thick or thin sliced Bologna (your choice) in half, then cut slashes in the side...
being careful not to cut all the way across.

Place bologna in a skillet and turn on medium heat.
(no need to add oil or shortening)

Cook bologna until it begins to turn brown.
Cook longer if you'd like it a little crispy.
You can press the center with a fork to brown it all the way across.

Using a fork, flip it over and cook the other side.

Place bologna on your slice of bread immediately...
You'll want to the juices from the bologna to soak up in your bread.
Trust do. 

Add the dressing of your choice and dig in!

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!


  1. Oh I Love Love Love Fried Bologna Sandwiches...yum

  2. provolone cheese does not belong on a philly cheesteak only american or cheeze whiz can tell u are not from philly or jersey

    1. You're right, I'm not! I'm from S. Arkansas...we like to use whatever tastes good to us. :-) It's good to venture off and try new ideas. :-)


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