Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tuna'll be surprised at how good it is!

I can only assume this recipe is a Southern dish. My Grandma made it. My momma made it. Now I make it. Growing up we called it Tuna Gravy. I've heard some folks call it Creamed Tuna. Either's delicious and so easy to make!
I remember, many nights, my momma made a big skillet of this gravy. We'd sit down at the table to eat and she'd bring the toaster with her and plug it in beside her. We loved it and would eat it so fast, she'd get tired of getting up and down to make more toast.
It's one of those "don't knock it 'til you try it' recipes. 
Those that have frowned about eating it, 
have ended up really liking it!

 Tuna Gravy

 4 tsp butter/margarine
1/8 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup of milk
1 5 oz can tuna, drained
salt and pepper to taste

 In a medium size skillet, over medium heat, melt butter.

Add flour and whisk until all flour is covered in butter. 

Add milk and whisk together will flour mixture. Stir constantly. As soon as it bubbles around the edges, turn your fire down to medium/low. Continue to stir as it thickens. There will still be a few lumps of flour mixture..but that's okay. It'll all mix together in the end. 

 Add tuna and stir until combined. Allow to thicken for 5 minutes. If it is too thick for you (we like it thick) you can add 1/4 cup of milk at a time until it's as thin/thick as you like it.
Add salt and pepper.

Serve over toast or biscuits!
You'll be surprised at how yummy this is!! 


  1. I don't make tuna gravy ...but make corn beef gravy...over biscuits. Made the same way...We choose this over sausage gravy any day..

  2. It was just Mom and I growing up, and she worked all day. She could throw together our 'creamed tuna' in a couple of minutes. I just made a sandwich out of it. Thanks for bringing back 55 year old memories!

  3. My grandma always made this growing up and added peas. Thanks for the memories!

  4. So very good! We were served this in grade school, over shoestring potatoes! I add a little garlic powder to mine.

  5. Thinking it's not just a southern thing! I grew up in Pennsylvania and my grandmother made this often! I was thinking of this the other day and am excited to make some next week. I'm sure my husband has never had it and I haven't had it in years! The only difference for us...she called it "sh** on a shingle". :) Soo funny to hear this come out of my (very) Christian grandmother!

    1. My very Christian mom called it S.O.S.! I called it that for years not knowing the meaning of the acronym. Delicious!

  6. Such a colorful name for such a down home recipe! We would use the same gravey base and then substitute dried beef (which came in a little glass jar), or sausage, or tuna. My husband was a cook in the Army and they called it the same thing!!!!!

  7. It was a staple in my house growing up in east Texas. My kids love it, too! It is sooo good!

  8. We also called this Tuna Foo Foo. And yes we added a can of peas too .

  9. Try adding Velveeta to the gravy.


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