Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Oreo Turkey!

I know he looks a little distorted but my grandson, who was six at the time, made this one. 
He and my granddaughter did such a good job! 
I can wait to make these again this year with my youngest grands!

The Oreo Turkey!
Here is the list of 'items' that you will need:

Oreo cookies
Malted Milk Balls
Peanut Butter cups
Squeeze icing in brown , white (for glue) and yellow
Candy corn

*First the bag of Oreo cookies. You might as well go ahead and eat one, because you know you want to!
*'Glue' one Oreo, with brown icing, standing up, on the other. See photo.
*Open the bag of peanut butter cups. Eat two of is never enough, three is too many.
"Glue', with brown icing, the peanut butter cup to the Oreos with the small part of the cup to the back. Again...see photo.
*'Glue' the malt ball on top of the peanut butter cup.
*Open the candy corn can eat as many of these that you want. They are addicting!!
Squeeze a thin line of white icing, on the creamy filling, along the top of the Oreo that is standing up. Carefully insert at least 6 candy corn, point side down, in to the icing and slightly in to the creamy filling. If you push too hard or too much, the cookie will split open. Then you'll have to eat it and start all over.
*Now, cut off, then eat, the big end off a candy corn, to make the beak for the Turkey. Attach this beak to the malt ball with some white or brown 'glue'.
*Make two dots with the white icing for the eyes.
*Add a little bit of yellow icing to the top of the beak to make that floppy thing that hangs off the turkeys face.
*Draw, with the yellow icing, feet for the turkey.
*Now, go back and add two brown dots in the middle of the white dots to complete the eyes. You had to let the white dot dry a little first.

Now, isn't that the cutest little turkey ever?

Gobble Gobble!

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